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Wed, 22 Mar


Subi Space - Light Truth Love

Renewing Your Mind - 7 Week Series (Mar-Apr 2023)

Do you experience stress, anxiety, anger, fear, emotional overload, depression, conflict, relationship breakups, bad habits, negative self-talk or unwanted moods and emotions and want change that lasts? If you want to overcome these or be equipped to help others, then this is the course for you!

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Renewing Your Mind - 7 Week Series (Mar-Apr 2023)
Renewing Your Mind - 7 Week Series (Mar-Apr 2023)

Time & Location

22 Mar 2023, 6:30 pm – 29 Mar 2023, 9:00 pm

Subi Space - Light Truth Love, 12/217 Hay St, Subiaco WA 6008, Australia

About the Event

If you experience stress, anxiety, anger, fear, emotional overload, depression, conflict, relationship breakdown, bad habits, negative self-talk or unwanted moods and emotions... And seriously want change that lasts... Then come and join us!

We're going to get to the core of the issues you've been facing and equip you with real solutions to overcome them. 

These wise words have echoed throughout centuries, "The truth will set you free". But are you free?

If the truth is meant to set you free, but you're not free, there must be some area you're either not in touch with the truth or aren't applying an effective strategy.

This Living Wisdom course is a 'how to' for being set free by the truth. You're about to walk through the process of being 'transformed by the renewing of your mind'. This approach has set thousands of people free for the kind of fulfilled, significant and liberated life as promised in those wonderful words "The truth will set you free".

How you think not only affects your own heart, mind, body and spirit but also the people around you.

Every morning when you wake up, new tiny nerve cells have been born in your brain to create new thoughts...

Through Renewing Your Mind, we learn how to use these cells wisely to replace harmful thoughts with healthy ones. As you consciously re-direct your thinking, you change the physical nature of your brain and can wipe out toxic beliefs, feelings and thinking patterns.

'Out of the heart flow all the springs of life' and yet have you considered what lies in the depths of your heart and subconscious mind?

The importance of capturing toxic thoughts cannot be emphasised enough. 

An undisciplined mind is filled with a continuous stream of worries, pain and distorted perceptions that trigger degenerative processes in the mind and body. This not only ruins your happiness and freedom but also results in a loss of physical health and memory. Not questioning negative moods and thoughts leads to being stuck in feelings of anxiety, powerlessness, low self-esteem, depression, aimlessness, discouragement and despair. These issues cause so many struggles in relationships, not only with yourself, but with others too - the ones you love most.

We don't want you to stay there or keep struggling with these feelings when the solutions are within your reach! 

So, how do you break free from negative moods, bad habits and unruly emotions when your triggers get pushed?

You are designed to stand outside of yourself, observe your own thinking and change it. You are designed to recognise and choose the right things to think about, but often you just don't have the right "how to's" to re-wire your mind, overcome trauma and manage strong feelings. 

'How to understand and use your mind' isn't in the school curriculum is it? But we can teach you how to... By engaging in a specific, disciplined and focused self-reflective thinking pattern, you can "take every thought captive" and replace it with the truth. 

At Light Truth Love, we acknowledge the importance of the spiritual nature of our being and value this intrinsic part of our existence. If you feel adverse towards 'God' as a concept, please give yourself permission to replace the word with 'Good Orderly Design'. Regardless of your worldview, you can gain life-giving wisdom and lasting change, merely come to learn from everything that speaks to you personally. While based on Christian values and teaching, throughout all our work at LTL we welcome people of all beliefs.

I've seen many others and have personally experienced the life-changing freedom found through Living Wisdom Courses. I'm excited to guide you through this course to find your own freedom! Rest assured that what you are empowered to do with your mind (and spirit) is more powerful and effective than any medication, any threat, any sickness or neurological challenge. Now is the time to take back control of your life and be transformed by the renewing of your mind!

The Author & Feedback:

This course is established on the experiences drawn from over 35 years of Christian Counselling by David Riddell, the founder of Living Wisdom. David's approach to counselling is high on intensity but achieves the maximum degree of change in the shortest possible time. If you are finally ready for change, for better relationships and to get on top of your own personal struggles, this course is for you. If you are in a role of pastoral care or helping others through personal struggles, this course will equip you to be far more effective.

Participants frequently report Living Wisdom Courses as being one of the most profound learning experiences they have ever had, it's truly "Life-Changing". Don't just take it from us, hear what others have to say...

“My wife and I attended a two-week Living Wisdom School back in 2016. It was worth it, and to this day is one of the best investments we have ever made. What we learned has been a great help in our relationships with family, friends, work colleagues and church family. It gave us a better insight into how God designed our minds, and how we can learn to use it more and more to his glory and to bless others. I highly recommend Helen and the ‘Renewing Your Mind’ course to anyone, whether you are going through a tough time, or walking alongside people who are.”

- Nathan Wagenaar

"For anyone who is stuck in life & quite lost as to how to move forward, I highly recommend this course! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this course! I have learnt valuable tools for life at a time when I had given up hope of ever changing. For those of you who seek a better life, I encourage you to attend this course!"

Rose van Wyk

"I loved receiving life-changing material in a relaxed, comfortable small group setting. I also loved how complex, lifelong struggles and behaviours are recognised, acknowledged and can be eradicated or downgraded by the use of simple strategies. I liked that it is easy to understand and the realisation that we have so much more control than we think."

- Rita Rizerio

"I now know how to overcome all my irrational fears and beliefs and have an optimistic view of the future. It was also really useful hearing about others‘ experiences and how they went applying the content."

- David K

"The light truth love course has been extremely valuable to me. I learned so many tools and new ways of thinking. It has already been a real blessing in my relationships with others, myself and even with God. It's truly been a freeing experience and I'm so grateful to Helen for being so genuine, giving, dedicated and caring during the 7 week course. It was inspirational to be taught by someone who is heartily using her God given gifts for the benefit of others. This enlightening course is a gift that keeps on giving and will forever be useful in my life."

- Leticia Rotteveel

The 7 Week Course Inclusions:

Over 7 Wednesdays, we will Trace the origins of life's problems; Face the underlying issues that have been repeatedly jeopardising us and Replace them with new strategies and a healthy mindset based on truth.

Here are the topics we'll be covering in our workshops together:

  • The Conditions for Lasting Change and the motivation to see it through
  • Truth Coaches for all areas of life to build resilience & inner reassurance
  • 'Renewing The Mind' Method - Getting to the core of the issue with Trace, Face & Replace.
  • If You Believe... - The toxic beliefs you need to reject
  • Negative Self-talk and Underlying Assumptions
  • Empowering Questions - A powerful tool for inviting self-discovery
  • Unbearable Feelings - The feelings that cause the most destruction in your life
  • Emotion-Directed Reasoning
  • Your Default Mood
  • Your Heart's Echoes
  • Your Minds Welds
  • Survival Kits - Your toxic coping strategies
  • Family Mottos - The ones that need to be revoked
  • Life-Defining Moments
  • The Fundamentals for Mental and Emotional Health


We want to see you grow and discover a personal breakthrough as we venture this course of a lifetime together! So we're giving away the opportunity to dive a little deeper into any topic of your choice in a personal 1 to 1 coaching / counselling session. It's our purpose to encourage and equip you for success in your life and relationships, so in preparation for your bonus session, think about what's really important for you - what issue would you like to resolve and what dream future would you like to move towards?

Time + Dates

Duration: 2.5 hours, each Wednesday, running 7 weeks consecutively

Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Treats: We'll pause mid-way to relax for a cuppa and some tasty snacks. It's a great time have a chat, get to know eachother, give the body a stretch or simply pause to reflect! 


Workshop 1 - March 22nd

Workshop 2 - March 29th

Workshop 3 - April 5th

Workshop 4 - April 12th

Workshop 5 - April 19th

Workshop 6 - April 26th

Workshop 7 - May 3rd

Pricing & Packages:

1. Ticket for One

7 Week Course for One + Workshop Book to Keep + 1 Bonus Individual's counselling session: $525 total

2. Tickets for Two - Family, friends or couples attending together

7 Week Course for Two + 2 Bonus Individual counselling sessions: $945 total ($472.5 per person - Discount of $103)

3. Tickets for Groups

7 Week Course for Four or more people $1620 total ($405 per person - Discount of $480)

Would you love to come, but can't afford it?

If money is too tight, but you're truly ready for change and would love to attend this course, please get in touch with me directly, we may have a sponsor on board that would love to sponsor you with a paid ticket. 

Do you have a heart for helping others and can afford to give? 

If your generous heart compels you to financially support another to attend this course, please get in touch with me directly to put up your hand as a sponsor.

*Registrations close March 15th

*To stay in the loop with future workshop dates, subscribe below... (promise I won't spam you)

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