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"Empowered individuals, united in cause, propel an organisation to achieve it's fullest potential."

"Empowered individuals, united in cause, propel an organisation to achieve it's fullest potential."

Corporate Wellness with 
Helen Kelder

Corporate Wellness is a private workshop offer to teams, organisations, companies and special groups on request. In this group setting, we explore a wide range of topics to advance the mental and emotional health of your team. Your workshop course is designed around the needs and wants of your group, whether you'd like one-off workshops or an annual course. 


This is your opportunity to develop life skills proven to transform lives and relationships, learning and growing alongside each other as a team. 

Corporate Workshops

Every workshop topic we explore results in gaining valuable insight about yourself and how to live alongside others harmoniously.


What Are Your Needs?

· Qualities of a Great Leader
· Setting Healthy Boundaries
· Assertiveness Skills
· Negotiation & Gaining a Balance of Power
· Renewing Your Mind
· Overcoming Stress or Anxiety
· Overcoming Disappointment, Depression or Grief
· Preventing Burn-Out (or coming back from it)
· Dealing with Anger & Rage
· Managing Conflict Healthily
· The Skill of Trust
· Staying Safe Around Difficult People
· The Essentials to Motivation
· Achieving Your Goals
· Moving past Procrastination and Unproductivity
· Relationship Restoration
· Handling Moods and Emotions
· Kicking Habits & Addictions
· Overcoming Fears and Phobias
· Revoking The Lies You've Believed
· Changing Your Character
· 12 Principles of Mental & Emotional Health
(to name a few) 

We start with a consultation to find out what you'd like, discuss the workshop topic list and map out the needs of your team or organisation to ascertain the best course for you.

$55 Per Person (starting price)

Have you noticed relationships are difficult? Managing people is hard work, and working with people is really challenging. Everyone is different with their emotions, attitudes, moods and how these come out in action and reaction. Life itself is difficult, we all face pain and suffering, and it has a real effect on how we relate to others at home, work and in the community.

What we are able to achieve in life is directly related to how we understand life, so if we increase our understanding of life - we increase our ability to live it successfully.

There is a great deal of unnecessary pain and suffering due to our mental, emotional and spiritual health, but it does not have to be this way. We can learn and grow, challenge our understanding and adapt with new skills to succeed in life and relationships. That's what I'm here for - to coach you and your team in advanced life and relationship skills.

Building a Mentally and Emotionally Healthy Team

There is increasing awareness of mental health issues and their effects in the workplace. As a result, leading organisations invest in addressing the mental and emotional health of their people, including it in occupational health policy. By providing corporate wellness services to employees through training, coaching, and counselling the most prominent issues of burnout, stress, depression, anxiety, conflict and motivation are alleviated. 

A team's most valuable asset is their people - investing in their growth will always be beneficial. A mentally-emotionally healthy team directly translates to higher productivity, quality results, work enjoyment, personnel retention and profitability. Also, better communication, smoother conflict resolution, less theft, 'sick' days and staff going above and beyond their call of duty. I must also mention the significant value of these benefits that flow into improved family lives and the children impacted by their parents positively. It is these changes that drive me to continue to encourage teams to get together and prioritise what really matters.

The opportunity to embark on a journey of personal growth to improve your lives both professionally and personally awaits your team.

The opportunity to embark on a journey of personal growth to improve your lives both professionally and personally awaits your team.

Sea Grass

Gratitude + Feedback

"Helen conducted a Corporate Wellness workshop for a small group of us for Handling Difficult Conversations and People. Helen is calming and understanding and gave us some really valuable advice not only to use in the workplace but in every day life. Lovely experience!"

Natalie - Blueprint Homes

What I Specialise In

Healing Your Relationship
With You
Empowering People with
Life Skills
Resolving Mental + Emotional Issues
Restoring Relationships
Corporate Coaching + Group Workshops 
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