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Illuminating lives with truth and wisdom

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Hello I'm Helen,

If you're looking for a counsellor, corporate wellness consultant or mental & emotional health workshops with life-skill-based teaching, you've found it.

It is my deepest desire to encourage, instruct, illuminate and revive people in need of healing, hope and freedom. 

It is the heartbeat of LIGHT·TRUTH·LOVE to bring transformation to the lives of people, families, communities, organisations and (we dream big) hopefully even the world.

Upcoming Workshops

No events at the moment
Sea Grass

Gratitude + Feedback

"The light truth love course has been extremely valuable to me. I learned so many tools and new ways of thinking. It has already been a real blessing in my relationships with others, myself and even with God. It's truly been a freeing experience and I'm so grateful to Helen for being so genuine, giving, dedicated and caring during the 7 week course.
It was inspirational to be taught by someone who is heartily using her God
given gifts for the benefit of others. This enlightening course is a gift that keeps on giving and will forever be useful in my life."

Leticia R

Sharing Inspiration

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