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"A relationship can only be as strong as the challenges it grows through."

Relationship Coaching with
Helen Kelder

Relationship Coaching is a collaborative approach where we focus on restoring a relationship, overcoming life-challenges and building a healthy relationship together. 

I will journey with you both, to equip, encourage and guide you in growing through your relationship challenges and creating a stronger bond than ever before.

Relationship Coaching

"When two individuals become one, there is a significant shift required to effectively unite, then as life brings various challenges, the need to grow together ever increases."

What Are Your Needs?

· Building Healthy Communication

· Setting Healthy Boundaries

· Re-building Trust

· Deciding on Separation or Divorce

· Managing Conflict Healthily

· Restoring Intimacy

· Managing Moods and Emotions

· Kicking Habits & Addictions

· Overcoming Stress or Anxiety

· Overcoming Disappointment, Depression or Grief

· Preventing Burn-Out (or coming back from it)

· Dealing with Anger or Rage

(to name a few)

Each one of these has the power to impact your relationship - whether it develops a stronger bond and commitment or leads to parting ways.

If your relationship is facing serious challenges like these, seek help before it is too late. 

$190 - Per 120min Session for Two

Alternatively, if you're finding it hard to be in the same room together, we can conduct individual sessions to achieve the same outcomes as Relationship Coaching.

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It has been said that it will "bring the best and the worst out of you", a bit like trying to raise children might! I tend to agree. In relationship counselling I find the greatest need for couples is to develop better communication skills and to set new boundaries in the relationships that protect and strengthen it. At times when anger, resentment, heightened emotion or a loss of trust are present, we need to reconcile the past before we can move forward.

So, what is it for you - do you need to learn the 'couple skills' that your parents weren't able to teach you? Do you need a referee between the fights? Or do you need to work through healing parts of yourselves personally? What do you need to be able to live more fully and freely in a loving relationship together? 
I love guiding couples into healthier and more harmonious relationships, and I will be here for you both when you choose to move forward with relationship coaching.

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Gratitude + Feedback

"With a generous dash of empathy and discernment, humour and real-life presence, Helen validates feelings and helps keep things in a good perspective. She has the ability to help make big things smaller, in order to sift through all the chaos and get to work with improving the outlook and good outcome in life. Stirring hope, complimenting the good things and progress, she pulls out tools that, when put to use, greatly assist in a journey of healing and growth. Not content with leaving her clients empty-handed Helen provides detailed session notes so that no one is left relying on their memory."

Jacinta S

A Better Life Is Within Reach

A more fulfilling life is within reach, with much less pain and struggle, with renewed strength, confidence, energy and motivation, resilience, healthy boundaries and relationships, achieving your goals and becoming the person you truly want to be.

You are the author of your life, you have the freedom to choose how you colour your future.

I'm dedicated to finding the solutions you personally need, coaching you with new skills and transitioning you into greater health, freedom and fulfilment in life.

Your journey towards fulfilment in life begins with the courage to make the first step today.

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Your journey towards fulfilment in life begins with the courage to make the first step today.

What I Specialise In

Healing Your Relationship
With You
Empowering People with
Life Skills
Resolving Mental + Emotional Issues
Restoring Relationships
Corporate Coaching + Group Workshops 
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