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Serving You

I am here to encourage and guide you in developing advanced life and relationship skills. And it's my goal to see you flourish.

I'm dedicated to finding the solutions you personally need, coaching you with new skills and transitioning you into greater health, freedom and fulfilment in life.

50 min

In-person  ·   Zoom video call  ·   Phone

Support Group
Personal Coaching

All relationships face challenges, and it's through these challenges that you find the need to build better Relationship Skills. I often find that learning how to communicate effectively, resolve conflict quickly, re-connect with each other and rebuild trust are among the most needed stills. What is it your relationships needs?

120 min

In-person  ·   Zoom video call  ·   Phone

Couple Holding Hands
Couple in Raincoats
Relationship Coaching

This is your opportunity to develop life skills proven to transform lives and relationships, learning and growing alongside each other as a team.

60-90 min

Duration can be adjusted to your team's needs.

We also offer half-day and full-day courses.

In-person at your team's meeting place

Corporate Wellness

Workshops are where we gather like-minded people of all walks of life together to embark on a journey of personal development and growth.

90-120 min

Durations vary between topics, please see 'Upcoming Workshops' for details.

In-person at LIGHT · TRUTH · LOVE workshop space

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