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Sat, 20 May



Healthy Assertiveness and Boundary Setting for Women

Join us for an Empowering Workshop, Healthy Assertiveness and Boundary Setting for Women!

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Healthy Assertiveness and Boundary Setting for Women
Healthy Assertiveness and Boundary Setting for Women

Time & Location

20 May 2023, 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

Subiaco, 12/217 Hay St, Subiaco WA 6008, Australia

About the Event

Ladies you're in for a treat!

We're coming to the rescue after hearing so much need... 

You're tired of feeling unheard, like you have to 'agree' or bite your tongue to 'keep the peace'. 

You feel like you can't actually be honest with others.

You wish you could say what you really need to or do what you really want to.

You wish you could stand up for yourself or others more.

You feel like you're walking on eggshells in one or more relationships.

You lack the confidence to speak up or the words to say what you really need to. 

We hear you! You and too many other women are experiencing these disempowering situations. 

I've drawn together all of my expertise, training and so much heart to bring you the most thorough and restorative approach to building authentic assertiveness and setting healthy boundaries with others. I want you to be empowered to live out life with more honest and genuine relationships with those around you. 

If you want to gain the confidence to stand up for yourself, be more honest and set healthy boundaries with others, then this workshop

is for you! 

Learn what it takes to be an empowered individual and gain insight into power dynamics, which will enable you to restore your

personal power. 

Gain practical strategies and powerful techniques to become confident in setting boundaries and communicating clearly with others. Imagine feeling secure in speaking up, knowing the right words and communicating with grace and dignity, from a place of strength

rather than fear.

Love the peace found in living out authentic and honest relationships, protected by healthy boundaries and mutual respect.

It's our closest relationships that inflict us with the most challenges and pain. Let's face it. Relationships are difficult! 

But what if these challenges are actually your personal opportunity to grow - What if this is your invitation to develop much-needed life skills and grow in wisdom and love?

As a personal coach and counsellor, I can tell you relationships don't have to be so hard. I work alongside women building these skills on a daily basis and the personal growth I've seen is so life-giving. If you just take the time to pause and learn the insight and techniques you're missing, it will change your life! 

In this workshop, you'll learn how to...

  • Discover the insight and strategies to help you to build the confidence to say what needs to be said and be more honest with others.
  • Find out what healthy boundaries are and how to communicate these when the need arises.
  • Realise your personal power, and improve the way you see yourself as an empowered individual.
  • Gain insight into the perception of power and power dynamics in relationships.
  • Know how to stand up to the dominant person in your life.
  • Learn how to remain centred in the face of intimidation.
  • Stop being paralysed for words in a situation, because you'll have the responses you need in the moment.
  • Establish boundaries with others - in a dignified, graceful and respectful manner.
  • Overcome feeling powerless, pushed around, dominated, controlled or bullied.
  • Learn how to set the tone and agenda in your conversations, instead of living reactively.
  • Create a balance of power in your relationships, restore connection, mutual respect and trust.
  • Build healthy communication styles to have more authentic relationships with your partner, friends, family, children, colleagues and those around you.

Workshop Inclusions

  • Morning + Afternoon Tea including cheese platters, sweet treats and fruit platters
  • Full-day guided workshop - presented by Helen Kelder
  • Full colour printed Workshop Booklet to take home
  • Activities, fun and laughter with a group of amazing women

Lunch, Morning Tea & Afternoon Tea

Relax! We'll take care of morning tea and afternoon tea with delicious treats for you. This will include Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate & Juice, and cheese platter, sweet treats and fruit platters.

For lunch we'll take a break and invite you to visit one of the cute cafe's close by in Subiaco or bring along your own lunch and picnic with us at the park. This is a great time to have a chat, get to know each other, give the body a stretch or simply breathe in the fresh air!

Earlybird Discounts

If you're the early bird that catches the worm, a lover of a good deal, thrifty or a little bit Dutch - we like your style AND have a deal just for you! Every individual ticket purchased on or before the 20th April will have the Early Bird Discount Price of $190. (that's a $50 discount)

Ticket Pricing & Packages

  • Ticket for One "Independent Woman"

Full Day Workshop for One: $240 total

  • Tickets for Two "Me and My Girl" (Come along with your bestie, sister, mum, daughter or friend!)

Full Day Workshop for Two: $440 total ($220 per person - Discount of $40)

If you identify with 3 or more of these, this Workshop is for you

Do you regularly...

  • Stay quiet to "keep the peace" or do your best to avoid disagreement.
  • Feel like you can't actually be honest with others. (it's too risky or dangerous?)
  • Try to avoid others' having a negative opinion of you, being rejected or pushed away by them?
  • Feel like you're walking on eggshells in one or more relationships.
  • Feel dominated or powerless to the more 'powerful' people in your life?
  • Think "I can't stand up to them", I'm not as "confident" or "powerful" as they are.
  • You wish you could say what you really need to or do what you really want to.
  • You wish you could stand up for yourself or others more.
  • After repeatedly keeping quiet, biting your tongue you can sense resentment building up (and it's not how you want to live!).
  • Live with the regret of "I should have said something" or "I should have done something..."
  • Are sick of feeling like you're not heard, unfairly treated or pushed around?
  • Feel passive-aggressiveness - a desire to settle the score, 'pay them back' or use the 'silent treatment'?

The trouble doesn't end here...

These situations cause damage to your relationships at an increasing rate, resulting in:

  • Loss of closeness
  • Loss of respect
  • Loss of trust
  • Loss of intimacy
  • Loss of honesty
  • Bruising of love
  • Eventual separation

It doesn't have to end this way, there is hope for every relationship. Is it finally time for you to take the next step?

We're here to help you build healthy relationships and restore those that need healing. We'll teach you the skills you need and how to implement them in everyday life.

Workshop numbers are limited to 18 (so first in - first served).

We will be hosting a maximum of 18 Workshop guests in total. Course seats are limited because we believe in quality over quantity. We also know that attendees prefer a small group atmosphere and get the most out of learning when all of their questions can be answered.

*Registrations close 10th May.

*To stay in the loop with future workshop dates, subscribe below... (promise I won't spam you)

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