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Subi Space

Terms + Conditions


‘You’ refers to the person that arranges the booking. ‘Us’, ‘we’ refers to Subi Space management staff. 



We'd love for you and your guests to enjoy your time at Subi Space, so please treat the space with care and respect so that it remains a beautiful space for people to gather. 


Booking Hours

Subi Space is available for hire during the hours of 5:00am and 11:00pm. 

The minimum hire duration is 4 hours. 

When selecting your booking hours you must include the time required to set up and pack away your things as well as cleaning (unless the cleaning fee is pre-selected in your booking).

Additional Hours

If you need more time at Subi Space, please contact us directly via phone or email to arrange this. You agree that you will not access Subi Space outside of your booking hours unless approved. You accept any additional fees associated with overstaying your booking hours. Any additional time at Subi Space will be charged in hourly increments, at the hourly hire rate you have paid. We reserve the right to charge you for any additional time at Subi Space.


Upon booking Subi Space you agree that you will leave the space as clean as you found it. This includes wiping down the table and bench surfaces, vacuuming and mopping if necessary, cleaning and putting away any kitchen items used, emptying the rubbish bins and ensuring no food mess is left on the premises.

All of the required cleaning materials and equipment is provided in the cupboards above and below the kitchen sink and behind the toilet door.

However, if you would prefer to use our cleaner, we will arrange the cleaning for you and require a $50 cleaner fee to be paid. We reserve the right to charge you a $50 cleaning fee, as well as any additional costs required to restore Subi Space to the clean condition outlined.

No Drugs, Alcohol or Smoking

Subi Space is a clean environment, a place for wellness and the promotion of all good things. Therefore we have no allowance for smoking, drugs or alcohol. Smoking, drugs and alcohol are not permitted inside Subi Space, outside in the foyer area or by the entrance of Subi Space. 

Late Booking Fee

A late booking fee of $50 for bookings requested with less than 48 hours notice will be applied.


Upon booking Subi Space, you accept responsibility for any damage that occurs to the property inside or out during your hire. We reserve the right to charge for the repairs due to any damages made during your time at Subi Space. If the unfortunate event occurs that damage is done, please notify us immediately. 


We're happy to host craft workshops at Subi Space, we do however need to hold a bond payment of $200. As craft events pose the most risk to damage to the furniture and space, this may be used to repair damage or cover additional cleaning. Your bond is returned within 7 days of your event. Bond may also be utilised to cover the cost of additional time spend using the venue, for example if you arrive early or depart late.

Bond will be forfeited if your event is not conducted in the manner outlined in our booking confirmation agreement or these terms and conditions.

Keep Noise Levels Quiet & Considerate

No partying allowed. This is a professional venue and you will be sharing the floor with others so please be mindful of others and be quiet and considerate of others close by. Please do not play loud music or make loud noises especially at night as there are residents that live on the level above Subi Space.

Our Right to End or Remove

Your event must be conducted in an orderly and lawful manner, under the agreed terms outlined in your booking confirmation (including time, duration, number of guests, type of event) and any other particulars confirmed in writing. We reserve the right to end your event / booking if we believe your event is not being conducted in the manner outlined in our agreement or these terms and conditions. We accept no responsibility to you for any costs, damages or expenses that you may incur in relation to the termination of your event. We reserve the right to remove or deny entry to any person being disruptive, loud, aggressive, destructive or acting in a disorderly manner.


We recommend that you have insurance for yourself and your guests.

Refunds & Cancellations

We may, if possible, change the date of your booking for you on request, on the provision that 4+ weeks notice is given. We also reserve the right to deny this at our discretion as this simply may not be possible.

If you cancel your booking with 4 weeks notice or more, a full refund or credit will be granted.

If you cancel your booking with 2 - 4 weeks notice, a 50% refund or credit will be granted.

If you cancel your booking with less than 2 weeks notice, unfortunately, we cannot refund your booking due to the loss that another booking would have been made. 

Any cancellation will incur an administration fee of $50.

If due to unforeseen circumstances we need to cancel your booking at Subi Space we will provide a full refund of your fees paid. We accept no further responsibility for any costs or damages you incur as a result of our cancellation. This is the best we can do, and appreciate your understanding. We also recommend that you hold the same terms for your event attendees, or ticket purchasers so that you do not incur additional unforeseen costs if such an unfortunate situation were to occur.  

Security Camera

Subi Space is equipped with a camera for security purposes. This camera is only motion activated and will not record anything other than the movements made around the entry door space. To protect your privacy the video recordings are erased after 7 days. Upon booking Subi Space you accept that your image may be captured. 

We reserve the right to ensure our guest capacity is not exceeded, as agreed in the booking confirmation, and upon booking Subi Space you accept that the camera may be used to ensure guest numbers are as agreed.

In all that we do, we hope that your time at Subi Space and contact with Light Truth Love you are blessed and that all goes well for your events and future growth. At the heart of all we do, we only hope to bring more good into the world and hope that you share this purpose too!

With love, Subi Space team. 

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